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Become a Bark Solution affiliate and start earning money using your website, blog or newsletter. As an affiliate you will receive cash for driving website traffic to and earn a 10-20% commission for every sale that occurs as a result.


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Affiliate policy


As a member of the Board, I recognize that I owe a fiduciary duty of care to the Bark Solution Inc. This includes a duty of confidentiality. All information and documentation that I receive from Bark Solution Inc. and others in connection with my service on the Board will be treated with strict confidentiality. Neither the contents nor the existence of this information or documentation will be shared with anyone other than the officers, directors, employees, and authorized agents of Bark Solution Inc.. I will direct any questions regarding my confidentiality obligations to the Bark Solution Inc. chairman of the Board.

Conflicts of Interest

As a member of the Board, I recognize that I owe a fiduciary duty of loyalty to Bark Solution Inc. This duty requires me to avoid conflicts of interest and to act at all times in the best interests of Bark Solution Inc.. The purpose of the conflicts of interest policy (set forth below) is to help inform the Board about what constitutes a conflict of interest, assist the Board in identifying and disclosing actual and potential conflicts, and help ensure the avoidance of conflicts of interest where necessary. This policy may be enforced against individual Board members as described below:
  1. Board members have a fiduciary duty to conduct themselves without conflict to the interests of Bark Solution Inc. In their capacity as Board members, they must subordinate personal, individual business, third-party, and other interests to the welfare and best interests of Bark Solution Inc.
  2. A conflict of interest is conduct, a transaction or relationship that presents or might conflict with a Board member’s obligations owed to the Bark Solution Inc. and the Board member’s personal, business or other interests.
  3. All conflicts of interest are not necessarily prohibited or harmful to Bark Solution Inc.. However, full disclosure of all actual and potential conflicts, and a determination by the disinterested Board (or Bark Solution Inc. Executive Committee) members – with the interested Board member(s) recused from participating in debates and voting on the matter – are required.
  4. All actual and potential conflicts of interests shall be disclosed by Board members to the Bark Solution Inc. Executive Committee through the annual disclosure form and/or to the Board whenever a conflict arises. Disinterested members of the Bark Solution Inc. Executive Committee shall make a determination as to whether a prohibited conflict exists and what subsequent action is appropriate (if any). The Bark Solution Inc. Executive Committee shall inform the Board of such determination and action. The Board shall retain the right to modify or reverse such determination and action, and shall retain the ultimate enforcement authority with respect to the interpretation and application of this policy.
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